The main traditions of Pinilla del Valle have a religious character, they enjoy a great rooting among its inhabitants and are complemented by activities and events for all the public.

fiestas-pinilla-07-069-t300San Miguel

The patron saint festivities in honor of San Miguel are held on 29 and 30 September. The dulzainas and drums enliven the most outstanding festive events. The traditional tasting of sardines accompanied by lemonade, caldereta and the desserts elaborated by the neighbors are added to the religious acts, the verbenas, the children's games and the contests of disguises programmed during this festivity. All this to enjoy the coexistence of inhabitants and visitors.

Virgen de la Concepción

The third Sunday of May pays homage to Virgen de la Concepción. Accompanied by drums and dulzainas is carried, in procession, to the Virgin from the Church to the hermitage. There is an outdoor mass surrounded by the incomparable nature of Pinilla. The party continues in the square of the locality once returned from the hermitage.

DSC01409-t300San Pablo

The offering to San Pablo, on January 25th, is also among the traditions of Pinilla del Valle. Legend has it that many years ago a serious epidemic affected the children of the municipality. The neighbors decided to give the best of their crops to make an offering to San Pablo and ask him to end the disease. At present, gifts are requested to the inhabitants of Pinilla to carry out an auction in honor of the saint. Mass is also celebrated, procession with San Roque, the blessing of the children and, in the afternoon, snacks for men, women and young men.

Cruz de Mayo

Cruz de Mayo is commemorated, on May 3, with mass and procession - singing the Litany - to the Cross of the Charcas. There the fields are blessed and a picnic is celebrated.

Feria de los Oficios

13 and 14 of September.

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